more questions, pretty please :)


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Aug 9, 2010
I know I've been reading on here and learning and asking, but I'm just not quite confident enough in myself. So.... I went into the dreaded pool store for DE and opened my big mouth, brought water and asked questions :hammer: You'd think I'd learn by now :oops: So anyway... here are my current numbers (by my test, except for the phosphates #).
FC 5
CC 0
TA 100
pH 7.2
CYA 25
phosphates- over 1000

My water is a dull green and I had been maintaining shock level for a few days now, testing, bumping and the whole nine yards, waiting for the water to be sparkly and nice. I know it's something I must be doing, but it's just not clearing up. So I did something dumb- I listened to the phosphate bit and bought phos-free b/c I am not knowledgeable enough to know that I didn't need it, until I came home, dumped the stuff in and then read on here that I didn't need it. So, my question is- can I start shocking my pool with the dumb stuff in there? or do I have to wait the 48 hours that they told me at the pool store?

I have a 15x 30 AG pool with a hayward ec40 DE filter, which I am running constantly at this point.

Just :whip: me now, I know I deserve it. Thanks!


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May 7, 2007
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The phosphate remover will cloud up the water a little bit, but can otherwise be ignored. [shock:3vudjemc]You can go ahead and shock the pool.[/shock:3vudjemc]