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Apr 1, 2007
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Being on the forum quite a bit this weekend, I am struck by everyone's courteous behavior, friendly interaction and importantly, just how darned knowledgeable ya'll are. (Newbies hang in will be)

I couldn't be more serious. Last year, I started calling us the "most knowledgeable pool forum on the net" but this year, the understanding and grasp of BBB by so many new people has just been amazing to watch. The transitions from newbie to giving expert advice have been almost stunning.

The Moderators, JasonLion, and the Special Contributors are always excellent but it seems this year their responses are more concise and helpful than ever before.

That said, it's the recent converts that have added a flavor that we've never had before. Folks who 45 days ago were trying to figure out what pH was (well, I exaggerate :mrgreen: ) are now offering advice and encouragement that makes them sound like 5-year veterans.

From 7 or so years on the old PF and 3-4 now hear on TFP, I can't remember a wealth of talent anything like this.

I would like to name the 15-20 newer folks I have in mind but I would surely overlook somebody so I'll just say I think you know who you are and I hope you realize how much you are contributing to making this forum the definitive source that it is.

I hope we all continue to make our posts clear, concise, and courteous (yeah, I know, CCC :shock: )

The forum will never be stagnant with this group of Mods, contributors and "new" experts. It really is a pleasure to be a part of something as viable as ya'll have made this place. :whoot: :whoot:


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Jun 6, 2008
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I don't claim to be an expert on pool care and chemistry.

I learned it all from this great forum from the very beginning that I've had a pool.

Haven't even had any problems either for that matter, I attribute that to reading about other peoples problems and advice given by the great members here and lot's of reading.

To say thatI've made it through 5 seasons with just a 6-way hTh kit says alot about the advice and principles of BBB and the great advice given here.

I'm happy to say I've ordered a TF-100 kit just because I want to know whats really going on with my water even though I've never had a problem.

I thank everyone who participates in making this forum what it is.


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May 13, 2010
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This place is so awesome!

I will put myself into the "45 days ago knew nothing" category - maybe even less than that, as I was in the pool store mid-May, once again beginning the monthly process of buying whatever they told me to buy, dumping in whatever they told me to dump. I had Googled various pool/water topics every year but somehow never found this place until this year, and I am thankful every day I did.

I won't put myself in the "sounding like a 5-year veteran" category, but I will say this: the other day we found a NAIL in the bottom of the shallow end, and realized it had stained our NEW vinyl liner. I was horrified. Then I ran into the house, grabbed a vitamin C, and rubbed that sucker right out. My husband was even more impressed than he already was (he doesn't read here - I am the pool mistress - but he is very grateful for all the knowledge and relief I've gained here). I read every day, so I will know what to do when/if a certain problem arises.

I have belonged to many forums (not pool, but various other topics) over the years and this is by far the most supportive, patient and kind forum I've ever witnessed. So thank you to everyone for sharing their problems, solutions and advice!


Jun 15, 2010
Long Island, New York, USA
As a newbie to both this forum and pool maintenance, I can say this forum is unusually newbie-friendly. Information is spelled out so clearly that I've quickly become the pool expert among my friends and family. I think just about every trip to Walmart for bleach has resulted in at least a couple conversations with other pool supply shoppers that end with me giving advice based on what I've learned here, and steering them to this forum. ie: "Pool pH-UP and Spa pH-UP are the same - see the chemicals listed on the back of the bottle... it's just marketing. Buy the one that fits your water needs and budget. Or hey... go check out the 20 Mule Team Borax in aisle 12... same stuff but way easier on the wallet! That's what I'm using and everyone on suggests!" Okay - I might have to steer them to Target for that but you get the idea.

Thanks to everyone who make this site what it is. I'll be signing up to become a supporter right away. The site has saved me a lot of money already, and gave me the confidence to swim this weekend with my wife and know that the water is sanitary.

- Jason


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Jun 18, 2009
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Hey's you guys who are the hero's! I can't begin to name all the people who have helped me thru last summer of being a new ABG pool owner and the beginning of this one....I truly think I get it finally.....I believe I have found the "Formula" that is right for MY pool by reading and reading and applying all the information to it. I have to admit, the calculations did not make sense to me for awhile....but I can safely and proudly say that I started off using a checklist of what to check and how often and every night when I check my water it has been easy to keep it maintained. Our water temps are warmer here in Houston, I take those things into consideration and realize now...for me, I need to keep my FC up 1 or 2 numbers higher than what the chart may say. Understanding the CYA is the BEST thing I have's easy to work from there. My water is sparkling clean and looks awesome thanks to you! :cheers: :goodjob: :party:


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Nov 5, 2008
Ah yes, but we all have to understand that every organization takes on the character of its leadership.

So, Duraleigh, if you are pleased at the style of communication that reigns here, it is due to the leadership.



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May 15, 2010
Dayton, Ohio
Thank You from a newbie! I can't believe how much I have learned in such a short period of time. I appreciate the veterans who are so kind and patient with even the most basic of questions. I am now able to really enjoy my pool and RELAX! Pool School is THE BEST--learning has really been enjoyable. And yes, I have a serious case of pool sparklyitis!

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