Montreal Vinyl Pool Decision - Frame.. or whats behind it.. how much does it matter?


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Jun 16, 2020
Montreal, QC
Hey guys -

new user here. I am debating between vinyl and fiberglass pools and I prefer the idea of fiberglass, but for the size I want (~14x30 w/ a 6.5' deepend) its cost prohibitive and often comes with "seats" in odd places that I dont care for. SO I am back to looking at vinyl. In my area (Montreal, QC, Canada) - all the smaller companies i've spoken too do a galvanized steel frame + concrete and the vinyl on top. The largest pool installer here, Trevi, gives the option to do this alternative with a PVC (or maybe ABS not sure) frame filled with concrete. They claim its more resistant to any shifts, and allows more 90 turns as well as you can place the stairs outside the pool... Which sounds great, but they also give me major used car salesman vibe.. Anyone know if any of this is true?
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