Mixture Valve? Diverter Tee? Need help finding replacement part for pool/spa


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Jul 10, 2020
Allentown, Pa
Hello everyone, pictured is a "mixture valve" that has been wrapped by some previous pool technician in a fiberglass to prevent a crack from leaking further. I am having difficulty sourcing a replacement piece for this location. It appears it may have been a custom job, with a PVC Tee valve with a mixture knob underneath all of this mess. To my somewhat educated engineering eye, the knob/PVC tee does not appear custom made, but it may no longer be produced(30 years old). I would imagine it has some form of valving within that simply diverts the flow when the knob is cranked in either direction (duh!).

Coming from the right is the main line from the filter (after passing through heater) and at this point the flow splits to the turbos in the pool(bottom left), and the spa return(bottom right) to create a waterfall that dumps the spa into the pool. This tee valve has a knob that would allow for the "mixture" of the incoming flow to be regulated to the turbo and spa return, with a believe a bias for the turbo system to get most of the flow. I am unsure if a typical diverter valve will allow for regulation of the two produced flows, does anyone have a recommendation or potential solution?
Thank you in advance!!!! you guys are really the best on the internet..


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