Mixing filter balls and sand in a sand filter


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Jun 8, 2021
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Hello, all!

I am just about to set up my first sand filter. I went for filter balls, since I don't envy hauling around any more wet sand than I have to. But the company that sold it to me suggested that I add a bag of filter sand to the bottom of the filter, to support the laterals.

My concern is backwashing: won't the backwashing kick up all the sand and mix it in with the filter balls, making it a complete mess when I want to take them out or wash them? If that's just how it is, that's fine, but I wanted to know what I'm getting into.

I can't find any information about this anywhere, so I was hoping someone here might have some byzantine knowledge of sand and filter balls that they could share.



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Jan 17, 2012
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Please don't use filter balls..... sand is nature's natural water filter and has been doing extremely well for at least a bazillion years. Filter balls are more of a gimmick in my mind- and when you want to clean them then you'll be lifting out disgusting wet balls of yuck to put into your washing machine?!? No Thanks!

Good quality pool sand will last forEVER. It almost never needs changing unless you gunk it up with FLOC or clarifiers, which we do not recommend anyway.

Pool sand is #20 silica, but don't buy Clorox brand as it has had iron found in it which stains pools.

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