Mixing 1.5" and 2" PVC - what are the issues?


Jul 15, 2019
I have a large 41’X’21’ one year old Doughboy Saratoga AGP and have purchased their "Hard Plumb Skimmer Adapter Kit" as I am also adding a Jandy JXI400p heater this year.

The adapter kit includes pieces for the return as well and allows for 1.5" PVC pipe to be easily connected to the skimmer and return.

The Jandy heater though comes with attachments for 2" PVC pipe, which can be reduced if need be.

Would there be a serious problem if I mixed 1.5" PVC from the skimmer to the pump and from the heater to the return, and used 2" for the rest of the system?

OR - increased the size of the PVC from 1.5" to 2" as close to the skimmer and return as possible so MOST of the system is 2"?

OR - just go with 1.5" throughout the system and reduce the pipe size into and out of the Jandy heater as needed.

I read here that it's better to use 2" PVC if possible rather than 1.5" even when mixed, but I need to hear that again in my circumstances.

I'm am also stuck using the Doughboy adapters and they only come in the 1.5" PVC size.

Have a 2 hp XP II pump and giant 24" AquaView Sand Filter.

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