Missing parts and mystery pipes


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Mar 15, 2017
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Opening my pool for the first time. (My first pool...) The house is a foreclosure / renovation. I found a few return jets hiding in the shed, but I need a bunch more. There are 8 returns in the spa and 5 in the pool. Any rhyme or reason to what I should get for each? I have a 1/2", a 3/4" and a hydrosweep. I'm thinking I'll mix 1/2" and 3/4" in the spa, and maybe use a couple hydrosweep near the stairs. Should I just put regular 3/4" jets in the rest of the pool?

Also, there are 1.5" pipes leading from the bottom of each skimmer back into the pool, a foot or two below the skimmer. Inside the skimmer, there's a cover that can block off that hole. What's that for, and should it be open?

Last - at the bottom of the spa, there's an opening, about 10" square, where the suction side pipes come in. Seems like there should be a grate of some sort in there?

Sorry for all the questions. TFP is my best friend these days!

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Jul 7, 2014
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The pipe that goes from your skimmer and then back into the pool is there so that if the water level drops below the mouth of the skimmer, the pump will still have a water supply from that little pipe.

In order for this this to work, there is a diverter plate that sits below the skimmer basket. The plate drops when the water level gets too low and basically connects the pipe from the pool to the skimmer intake pipe.

Unless you just plan on running your pool dry, I'm not so sure they have much real life value.

Yes there should be grate/cover over the square hole in the bottom of the Spa.

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