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Feb 2, 2016
Baytown, Texas
I currently am shopping around for a pool builder in the Houston Texas area. I live east of Houston. Would just like some recommendation for the equipment that was recommended by my 1st pool builder.

Pool Size: 16 x 34 ft
Pool Depth: up to 67 ft (??? - will be contacting pool builder to find out what this means)
Pool Area: 485 ft²

Filter: 48 sq ft - Pentair FNS Plus D.E. Filter
Pump: 1.5 HP - Pentair Whisperflo Pump (99% sure will be requesting VS pump)
Valves: Never Lube Valve 2"-2.5"
Skimmers: 2 CMP; 2" Lines Separate Line & Valves. Tann Skimmer Lids to Match Deck
Main Drains: 2 Main Drains - Separate Lines & Valves
Pool Light: 1 x Pentair Amerlite White 500W w/ GFCI (will be requesting LED)
Time Clock: Intermatic Dual Timers
Cleaner: Polaris 280 with Booster pump
Sanitizer: Jandy AquaPure Ei Salt System
Ozone: Ozone Joe Water Purification System (will be requesting this item to be removed off quote)
Inlets: 5 pool return inlets



Any help or suggestions are deeply appreciated.

Xavier in Baytown, Texas

Texas Splash

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Welcome to TFP! :wave: That looks to be a gorgeous project, and you've done a good job with the initial listing. Some solid products there, and you already CANX'd the ozone. :goodjob: Others will reply I'm sure, but I'm not convinced about the 2-main drain requirement. You should get most of your circulation and surface debris removal from those 2 skimmers and return jets, but that's just one opinion. :) Maybe look carefully at the positioning of the 5 return jets. Since you have some subtle curves, there is always the potential for "dead spots" in circulation. Perhaps you may need a couple more returns instead? As for the SWG, the web site says up to 35K gallons. I'll let others confirm that selection. Requesting LED lights - nice. You're on the right track. Welcome!


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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX
I'm not a fan of single speed pumps. If me, I would upgrade to a variable speed pump, or at a minimum, a two speed pump. Do it now and you can thank me when your electrical bill arrives. :eek:

In the end, the overall cost to upgrade would be minuscule compared to the overall cost of the pool.

Jim R.


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Apr 12, 2016
Houston, TX
Welcome, I'm also in process of starting a build thread, your PB will be doing mine aswell, Im like you trying to do as much research as I can in this great website.


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May 19, 2010
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:wave: Welcome to TFP!!!

I would also recommend ditching the booster pump and pressure cleaner and getting a robot instead.