Misc. BBB Conversion Questions


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Oct 6, 2009
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After seeing the price of bleach at my Sam's Club and even seeing that Arm & Hammer sells baking soda in large bags, specifically for large usage such as pools, I'm convinced that the BBB method is a much cheaper alternative to all these pool brand chemicals. But I have a few unrelated questions regarding switching over and maintaining the BBB method.

1. Is there any specific way or rule of thumb for switching over from trichlor & dichlor to liquid bleach? Or do I simply keep testing (ordered a TF-100 test kit yesterday!!) and wait for my TC & FC levels to indicate chlorine is needed and start using the liquid bleach?

2. With the BBB method, do you really tend to need to add bleach daily? I travel often for work, and am wondering if I should continue with trichlor pucks during the times I'm away, or is there a better way? I'm not sure I can get anyone else at home to take on the chore of adding bleach and testing daily.

3. The pool startup company has instructed me to add a product called "Les-Iron" to my new plaster pool for the first 6 weeks. It's apparently a chemical to help prevent staining and scaling due to metals in the water (which is ironic since they also told me to install my Nature2 cartridge, which adds metals to the water!!! - I yanked that sucker out yesterday after reading more about it). I've still got 3 more weeks to go for adding this Les-Iron product. Should I see it through, or discontinue its use once I convert to BBB?



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May 7, 2007
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1) Test the water and go by the test results. If FC is too low, add more chlorine.
2) If you raise CYA up a little you can get it to every other day, but daily is the most common approach. Using a trichlor floater for vacations usually works just fine. If you do that you should monitor your CYA level and make sure it doesn't get too high.
3) Keep up the "Les-Iron". You don't want to do anything that might invalidate your warranty. So if they say do it, then do it, at least during the first few months.


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Jun 3, 2008
You should consider the BBB method to be a philosophy that pool owners should test their pool water themselves and add only the pool chemicals that are required to maintain a clean safe pool. Since the BBB chemicals are low cost and readily available these chemicals are generally preferred.

There is nothing intrinsically wrong with trichlor & dichlor if you want to pay the extra cost and you monitor your CYA levels. Most BBB adherents determine the amount of bleach required for their pool, e.g. one gallon of bleach every other day. While you are traveling you could have someone add your “standard” amount of bleach and then adjust when you return home from the trip. You can continue to add trichlor & dichlor if you test for CYA using a view tube and ensure that the CYA level goes not go too high.

You are fortunate to find this site as you open your new pool. Most people find the site after years of frustration following pool store advice. Read the Pool Schools articles and you will maintain your pool at a low cost and have a properly sanitized pool that your family will enjoy!