Misaligned Coping


New member
Nov 9, 2019
Massapequa New York
In the process of having coping done around a free form pool. From afar it looked ok., but that evening my husband and I noticed there were about 15 areas (pavers) that were either sticking out a bit into the pool area, creating a rough feel and unaligned look from paver to paver. It almost looks as if two different people did the job. Some areas the pavers met up perfectly and others were off. I can see 1 or two areas, but honestly I am not exaggerating when I say 15 or possibly more. Also, on the curved areas, there is a gap between the pavers. Shouldn't this be cut to fit and not leave a gap? I am awaiting a call from the contractor now after two days. They are to "finish tomorrow", but I want this coping fixed beforehand and worried that they will have to break up the pavers. I am not happy with the look. I am a woman and don't know much about tile and pavers, but as a kindergarten teacher, I do know that you don't glue something down permanently until it is properly done. Anyway, I am just nervous that he says nothing can be done now. :(