Minor scare tonight


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Apr 27, 2008
I hooked up the AquaGlow Fountain to the return; however, I was not getting enough pressure to get the water high. Per the instructions, I plugged one of my returns which allowed the fountain to perform as expected.

After a few hours, my kid and her friend get out of the pool, I removed the fountain, reopened the other return and put the solar cover on. A couple minutes later I noticed the pump pressure drops to zero and no water is coming out of the returns. I panic thinking plugging the other return somehow broke something. I spent the next 30 mins or so trying to figure out why water is not getting to the pump.. I am addng water to the pump, opening and closing the valves, basically priming to no avail. Every couple of mins the water would get to the pump, pressure rose, and returns worked normally. Then a few minues later nothing.

I put two and two together and noticed that there is insufficient water coming up the skimmer tubes. You can guess what the issue was? Yep, my water was just below the skimmer line. Only, I never noticed when the kids were playing and splashing around. I added a few inches and all is well. :)

My only concern is that my pump got damaged for running a few mins off and on without sufficient water flow and pressure.