Minimum suction requirenment for Navigator Vac


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May 4, 2007
I just started using my Navigator vac. I have a dedicated suction line and a 2 speed 2.5hp Jandy stealth pump. The Navigator brings a small suction gauge which measures the correct suction needed to operate the vacumn. My pump on low draws 40gpm. I have 2.5 inch main drains, 2-2 inch skimmers and a 2 inch return that branches out to 5 return nozzles, plus my water features are on 3 separate 2inch pipes. (total of 4 suction pipes, 4 return pipes). so far the only way I can get the gauge to read correctly is to use the pump on high and open the vacum line and 1 skimmer partially opened and the one return (that branches to 5 returns). Is my setup correct? Is there a way to use the vac on low speed? It doesn't make sense that I only have 1.3 suction lines opened and 1 return line using a 2.5 hp pump? Did my PB wire my pump correctly? The electrician wired the pump on two seperate switches, one for high and 1 for low with the instructions of never have both switches on at the same time. I filter on low speed with main drain,and both skimmer valves opened and only the return valve opened at less than 5 psi on the filter. When I run the pump on high I have the same suction valves opened and I am able to run my 5 ft sheer descent and both lion heads partially opened at 11psi showing on the filter. when on high there are no bubbles(air) in my pump sight glass, but when I run the pump on low, the water level in my pump is half full (large air pocket). Is this correct?