Mineral Springs versus Salt


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Apr 30, 2010
Just opened a new pool. Started up filter, added chlorine tabs and ready to swim. Since it's new plaster I can't add the salt for 30 days. PB is a big proponent of using mineral springs and the bioguard program instead of salt for the Intellichlor. States the mineral springs have all the additional minerals you need and is an easier maintenance process. Salt works fine but you would need additional chemicals such as scaling prevention, chlorine stablizers, etc. so it ends up being about the same cost and more hassle.
Does anyone have an opinion here? I don't mind paying a slight bit more if it's a lot easier but is mineral springs worth it versus just adding salt?

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Jun 22, 2009
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The problem with those combo chemicals is that there's no way to know if they have the correct percentages of the stuff you need or if they have the right stuff for your pool. Scale prevention is strictly a matter of keeping your water balanced. You don't need to add scale preventers at all as long as your water is balanced.

Stick with adding just pure salt then add the correct amount of any other chems you need.

First thing to do is order a good test kit (see my sig). Then while you're waiting on that to arrive, read Pool School (sig again), especially the part about SWCG's. Once you have your test kit come back and post a full set of numbers and we can guide you down the right road.

While you're at it, add your equipment to your sig (pool size, type, pump size, filter, SWCG, Etc.). Look in the upper left under the TFP logo and there is a link to the user control panel. You can add your location where it's indicated and then edit signature to add the rest.


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Aug 3, 2009
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please excuse me TFP Mods if my post is outta line..but I just gotta say it


I FINALLY talked my friend into converting to BBB and not buying the same stuff in the mineral springs product at a 300% markup. Just do a search here on Mineral Springs..and you'll get MORE than enough info to make you change.



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Apr 30, 2010
Did tests with my pool builder provided kit.
ph 7.6
FC - 2.0

It's new Diamond Brite plaster (about 2 weeks old) so I am not adding salt for a couple more weeks. Have chlorine tabs in the skimmers now.


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May 20, 2007
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Trichlor tabs in the skimmer is fine as long as the pump runs 24/7. If it doesn't - put them in a floater instead.
Using Trichlor at first is just fine for new plaster until you are ready for the Salt.

Read Water Balance for SWGs in Pool School
(and save your money on Mineral Springs you are only paying for the name.)


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Apr 4, 2009
Welcome to TFP :wave: ...you don't want chlorine tabs in your skimmer, unless your pump is running 24/7. They are acidic and can cause damage to the plastic over the long term. You need a good test kit, but in the mean time get your water tested at the pool store and post the results here. Here is what you will need to be able to measure

Salt - if you decide to go the SWG route

Tftestkits.net carries both the TF100 which we all believe is a great value as well as the Taylor k2006.

Spend the $70 on a good kit and it will pay you back trifold, vs using mineral springs or Bioguard. (Bioguard works just fine, but IMO is overpriced and contains the same chemicals you can find in the grocery isle or the HTH isle at walmart)

Lastly...read Pool School...button on upper right of this page. You invested a lot of money in a new pool...the time and little $ spent on a good kit will ensure you can enjoy your pool, rather than letting it frustrate you.