Metals in water


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Jun 18, 2018
Central Virginia

I just tested my pool water and when doing the calcium hardness test it showed a fading end point with purple dots in the sample. I read from the Taylor test kit that this is caused by iron and copper in the water and the purple dots are magnesium. When thinking about it I believe it has always been this way when I tested the calcium hardness.

We have only had the pool two months. The initial pool fill water was trucked in and topped off with water from our well. We used Jack’s magic sequestering agent given to us by our builder during the initial fill. We have also topped it off a couple times with water from the well since then. It will be converted to a salt system on Monday.

Should I add more sequestering agent? My current test results are as follows:
FC 5
CC 0
TA 75
CH 430
CYA 40
Temperatures 96 F