Messed Up Pool Light While Draining


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Apr 20, 2017
I just did a drain and refill of my pool last night. During the draining process, I messed up and kept the pool light on because I was draining in the evening. I didn't realize this was a no-no. Once the water went below the light, I heard a popping sound and realized it was my light. At that time, I turned it off and hosed it down. Smoke started coming off of it.

Since it already 95+ in Arizona, I had to start filling pool back once it was drained so I didn't have chance to look at the light while drained. On the refill I waiting until the water was back over the light before turning it on. I was happy because it worked, but bubbles came out of the light once I turned it on. I then turned it off until the pool fill was complete. Now that the pool is filled, I tried turning it back on tonight and it won't come on. Also, the switch to the pool light is also connected to an outlet that I use for a string of patio lights. Those lights won't go on either. When I connect those patio lights to another outlet, they still don't work.

Anyway, electricity is something I know little about. Is what I described fixable without draining again? Without an electrician? Unfortunately, the light is about 4 feet down from surface so any fixing will require a pair of googles and a lot of breath holding.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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May 19, 2010
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Likely you damaged the seal, now water got on the fixture and is throwing the gfci preventing anything from working.

Pull the light fixture up on the deck (should probably only be 1 screw to remove) , open it up, dry it out, inspect/ replace the bulb, replace the seal, and reinstall.

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