Mesh safety cover - Quick question


Jul 22, 2008
So I installed a mesh safety cover this fall. I am in Northern NJ and we do get some pretty cold winters. I lowered my water level to just below the 2 returns. Since I have closed we have had about 4 inches of rain. I just popped corner of cover off and the water is above the returns. So my question I need to keep the water level down below the returns all winter? I have read of the ice ripping the returns right out of the wall. The pool is fiberglass so I am hesitant to drain anymore water than absolutely necessary. Any insight is appreciated. Thanks!


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May 3, 2007
Central NJ
I have the question below. Everywhere I read indicates that you should keep the water off of waterline tile or risk tile cracking over the winter. If you are using a product like a Loop Loc should you continuously monitor water levels and, if so, what are people using to drain water out?


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May 27, 2008
Jamestown, ND
I have a mesh cover and when I close the pool, I plug the returns and then I just installed an aquador as another safety feature. The leave the pool water level at 15 inches from the top. If you get a HUGE amount of rain before it turns to snow, then I drop in a pump to drain down the water. You can find them at walmart, lowes, menards, etc...
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