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May 26, 2010
Central Connecticut
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Hi. The rubber strips that protect the winter safety cover from rubbing on my stamped concrete patio are coming off. A couple have been lost. The cover is still is fairly good shape. I am looking for ideas on what I can use as a padding between my safety cover and the cement patio during the winter. Merlin does sell a padding, but at a crazy price. Any ideas? Also, what is a good indicator as to when the springs need to be replaced? Can I use any equivalent SS 7 1/2" spring to replace or are there significant quality differences?

Pool cover seemed to drop down lower with the snow on it this past winter. Yet the springs looked like they were at least 50% compressed.



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Jun 23, 2017
We're on our second safety cover now, the first cover failed before having to worry about replacing the springs but you can find them online all over. We had a Lopp Loc and now a Latham, springs seem mostly the same.

the straps the springs connect to might be loose, or maybe you had heavier snow? We have concrete decking and don't worry about padding but if I was going to look for some, I would be looking for non name brand. If its just for the edge for the cover maybe some pool noodles would do?
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