Merlig Fix a leak Review


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Jun 11, 2011
Waldorf, MD
----Short review ----

It did not work
It was not hard to clean out of the pool

--- Full review ----

As of my post here


I have been battling a leak in my pool for some time. I actually found about 7 holes since that post and patched them. I went from losing about 2 inches a day to about 1 inch a day from it. Bucket tests still shows only a 1/8th of an inch loss vs my pools 1 inch loss per day.

I went ahead and got a quote on renovation to try and clear the problem up.

post here renovation-price-a-little-overboard-t46761.html

But the renovation price was a bit insane for me at the moment. Since that quote I actually got the pool company to reduce it by 2k and found another guy to do the concrete for a mere 4k total. This brings me under 15k and will most likely be done before next season.

Since I had to keep the leak for the rest of the season I decided to give fix a leak a try. It did not work. I followed the instructions to the T and bushed the pool every 4 to 6 hours for 3 days straight. During this time the water loss remained constant.

The horror stories of how it was tough to get out of the pool was not true for me. I could see it laying on the bottom in spots only from time to time. But just turning the filter back on and running my pool robot for 24 hours cleared it (I ran for 48 hours total). Back washed and cleaned the filter by hand and everything is back to normal. I don't see any more of the product in the bottom of the pool and the water is clear as ever.

Maybe this product works in a smaller pools and spa's.