Mentally preparing?


May 14, 2020
I have just purchased a small temporary pool and am trying to wrap my head around all the must do’s before I actually set it up!

So I have picked my spot and am paying a couple guys to level it....nothing major just removing grass and lowering one side by maybe an inch. I will then build the pool myself, pray for me ha ha!

Do I just put a tarp over the dirt and then the pool over it? I have a spot close to an outlet for the pump. I have read the little pumps are not good but not ready to invest more yet so hoping to make due for this summer.

I have a solar cover that is too large but assume I can trim.
I have a puck dispenser/chlorine pucks, thermometer, test kit, ph up/down and a ladder. Other than learning the pool math I think I am set.

Thanks for having me!