Aug 1, 2010
Hi there,

So I have a hot tub I purchased new about a month ago. I was having issues with strange colored water and getting itchy. So after reading a bunch on here I bought some Ahh-some... followed the directions and was amazed at how much nasty goop I got out of the spa. So I drained the spa, used a shop vac to get everything out.

Refilled the spa. Balanced TA & PH. Then added sodium bromine to bring it up to 30ppm and then oxidized with non-chlorine shock. Bromine is right around 5ppm right now. I have a caldera spa with frog for now, once cartrige runs out I'll use floater. Water is crystal clear....HOWEVER... there is a strong odor that is coming out of the tub water, almost like a very strong chlorine smell. So I figured I'd let the jets run for a while with the cover off. Came back 20min later to this (see picture below).. any ideas?

Current test readings:

TA - 90
PH 8 (added acid per my taylor kit to bring down to 7.6)
Bromine 5



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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
Did you clean or replace the filter after the ahhsome treatment?

I think done folks do a rinse and drain after ahhsome before the final water fill.


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Apr 21, 2017
Greenlawn, NY
Did you rinse it after the ahh-some treatment? Did you run the pumps for 10-15 seconds after you emptied it? It might just be me residual ahh-some left over.

I sometimes have to fill it and empty it again.

Did you bring it up to slam levels before ahh-some?