Meeting the first PB tonight...


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Jul 19, 2014
Hudson Ohio
We are finally going to meet with the first of a few PB's tonight. We started with an AGP and knew if we liked owning a pool we would expand our options in the future. During life with the AGP we discovered what we liked and what we didn't like. Based on our opinions here is our dislike list.
  • It's above ground (haha that's a given. Now I am not going to bash the AGP but our yard is flat for the most part and the pool level is actually above the upper level of our large deck. This was not exactly an aesthetically pleasing layout)
  • We didn't heat the pool and while this could have been added I just didn't want to invest additional dollars into a design we weren't happy with.
  • We went with a 24' round pool (for what we do in the pool it's actually too big.
  • Not deep enough
  • Winter cover - not exactly fun to mess with given the height of the pool out of the ground
  • No water feature etc
I have come up with a few concepts of what I think we want, to discuss with the PB's. Since we don't use a pool for exercise or sports and primarily use the pool to just hang out and cool off I thing something between a plunge pool and small IGP is where we will fall.
  • 48" steel walled vinyl liner pool 10'x16' rectangle full width steps on one end then slope to a 5' water depth
  • built in seating
  • 2' or 6" radius corners
  • possibly a tanning ledge
  • sheer blade waterfall on the long side
  • 4' concrete deck on 3 sides
  • 8'concrete deck on one side that is actually 31' long to meet up with our 21'x31' wood deck
  • The current wood deck will be redone with a few structural mods and new Trex composite decking.
  • Undecided on a heat source but may go with a Hayward HP50HA Heat Pump. The pool heater calculators estimate I would only need a 30k btu heater. Seems like gas heaters are too large.
  • LED lighting
  • Standard chlorine pool. For the amount of effort and chemicals used in the current pool I don't see the advantage to a SWG but am open to suggestions on the topic.
When I initially spoke to the PB at the home show he was talking 16x32 for $25k which wasn't bad but I saw the need to change out some of the equipment and I am obviously going larger on the concrete deck. I can't think of too many gotcha points short of any unforeseen giant boulders (not likely). My current design and size as well as proximity to electric and gas should lend itself to the low side of installation costs.


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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
I calculate that size pool to be 6,000 gallons or 50,000 lbs of water. A 30K BTU heater will raise the temperature about 1/2 degree an hour. You sure that is sufficient? You aware heat pump BTU output declines as air temperature declines? What air temperature range do you expect to run the heater?


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May 3, 2014
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Liquid chlorine added DAILY is great as long as you are home every day during the season your pool is open.

Cost of a SWCG and liquid chlorine are essentially the same. With the SWCG you just buy the chlorine up front.

Do you have a good source of fresh 12.5% liquid chlorine nearby?


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Jul 10, 2012
Tallahassee, FL
You have thought this out very well. Having the starter pool put you one up on some others that is for sure!

Depth-Measure where 5' will hit the shortest adult in the house. You MIGHT want to go with 4'?" so they can walk around the whole pool with ease.

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Jul 16, 2012
Central MD
If you only run your pool from Memorial Day to Labor Day, then your ambient temps will support a heat pump pretty well. Which would mean you are not trying to extend the season, but rather keep the water up to 85 (or whatever your preferred temp is) for the whole season. Even so, and with whatever heater you use, a cheap solar cover is highly recommended to keep evaporation (the reason for heat loss) down. But I agree, if you are looking to extend the season, by swimming in early to mid May and late into September, gas may serve you better.


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Jul 19, 2014
Hudson Ohio
Ok, two more PB's scheduled for this weekend. I hope to gather enough info between the two to see if there is feasibility to proceed forward. One does fiberglass as well as vinyl.