Maytronics - how important is powerstream and active brushes?


Apr 16, 2010
Escondido, CA
Looking at Maytronics various models. I was thinking M400 but noticed it doesn't have powerstream (is that why it has those ugly arms for flotation?). I'm wondering if the lack of powerstream is why there are complaints of the M400 getting stuck on main drains and not doing the waterline. I'm also not fond of the cartridges vs the basket in other models.

I briefly looked at the M600 with the huge basket, 2 active brushes and more powerful suction but I don't need all the upgraded tech (cloud connectivity, enhanced wifi, multiple programs) and it's twice the cost of a Pentair Warrior SE with rebate. Wish they had an option of a M600 with all the cleaning power but without the tech features. Kind of being seduced by the huge basket, 2 active brushes and suction power but my rational side is questioning whether I'd actually see a difference between the M600 and S200.

Is the basket mod still something to be requested from Marina or did Maytronics incorporate that?


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Jul 7, 2014
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I have owned several Dolphin robots over the past 10 years or so... A couple of old Diagnostics, that I bought used, and had cloth bags as filters, a Premier model that has small bottom loading cartridge filters, and now a couple of S200s.

I can say from the actual cleaning point of view, I can't really see any difference. They all picked up everything in the pool, climbed the walls and scrubbed the water line tile.

I do like the S200s better, because they do not have the floating handle and I like the big top loading basket. Operationally, it appears that it does a better job of scrubbing the water line tile, but I can't really see any physical difference in the way the tile looks..

I would be willing to bet that if you had two identical pools and put an S200 in one, and an M600 in the other, it would be impossible for anyone to tell which robot was in which pool.

My recommendation is to go with the cheaper S200. Almost everything else is just hype.


Jim R.
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Aug 22, 2017
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As a M500 owner, I kind of really like the extra 3rd brush. I have no evidence it does a better job, but it just seems like it would add extra brushing. Yes the two cartridges are pain as compared to a single basket. The floats dont bother me, and if you modify them with some pool noodles the beast will scrub the waterline with the best of them and even climb steps fairly well.

I have also had zero problems with getting stuck on the main drain. The beast just rides over it and cleans up all the stuff stuck around it.


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Mar 17, 2019
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Thanks for the input. I called Marina, left a message and Margaret called back. After talking with her, decided to just get the basic Pentair Warrior SE.
Wondering what made you choose the Pentair over the S200? Are you happy so far with the Pentair? Considering those 2 models myself.


Apr 16, 2010
Escondido, CA
As Jim stated, Maytronics makes both the Warrior SE and S200 along with a couple of other models that are identical to those 2. So it just came down to price. Right now, the Pentair is less expensive. As Jim points out and Margaret agreed, there isn't going to be a noticeable difference in cleaning capability between the $700 base model and $1400 premium model. It's just bells and whistles (although the M600 boasts a more powerful vacuum and more active brushes).

Satisfaction - in terms of just picking up leaves (large sycamore leaves), I'd say my old Hayward poolvac did a better job. Probably just stronger suction.
Coverage - it's a strong wall climber but it definitely doesn't completely get to the entire pool. Large sections of my shallow end were missed even after 3 runs (I cleaned the basket filter after each run). I had to manually brush the sections it missed. I'll have to see if this continues over time.

I didn't realize you aren't supposed to run the cleaner while the pool pump is on (user manual states this). I found out why - the cleaner gets stuck on the drain if the pump is on but goes right over it when it's off.

One interesting thing that I'll have to watch for to see if it keeps happening - I have a steep transition from shallow to deep. The pool builder gave me the largest shallow area they could while still building a pool that could have a diving board. The cleaner will lift off the bottom as it hits the transition from shallow to deep straight on and reverse. I'll have to see if it only happens when the end with the light is going down or the other end or both.
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