May have bought wrong size pump - trouble or not?


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May 29, 2020
We have a 21' above ground pool with a Waterway Millennium 22" sand filter. The pump died so I replaced it. Once I did, I noticed the flow was pretty impressive. But as I started to look deeper...

The old pump was an EZ48 with a bit HP 1.5 SPL sticker on it (specifically, Waterway Catalog EZBN25, Model s55cxrjd-8050). So I ordered a 1.5HP pump off Amazon (PH1150-6 1.5 hp Hi-Flo, model SO-15-1N11MC)

Now that I'm digging deeper, I see that the old one I had was apparently a 1.0HP based on several sites with that Model and Catalog number. Can't seem to find the manual right now, but what I can find on google lists 1HP, 1.5HP, and 2HP pumps that can come with it.

So I guess the question is - should I send this back and get a 1HP motor? Or should I be okay?

My two biggest thoughts are 1) wear and tear on the filter from increased flow and 2) is it going to filter properly or is it going to blast all the debris right through the sand and back out the stand pipe?