Matte vs. glazed waterline tile


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Jun 1, 2007
Los Angeles, CA
Is there any advantage to using matte-finish or glazed finish tiles at the waterline? My husband and I are down to three finalists in our "pick a tile already" contest, one glazed (manufacturer is Fujima), two matte (National Pool Tile), and we're spinning our wheels. If one of these tends to do better with longevity/resisting waterline scum buildup/whatever, that might help us make a decision. There's no price difference, and we're in no-need-to-winterize Southern California. One other factor is that the barrier between the pool and spillover spa is topped with tile, which I walk on to brush the pool and spa walls. I'm not a big person at all, but maybe one type of tile finish is more sensitive to that type of use?

There was a matte Master Tile that we really liked, but it is apparently failing longevity testing. The manufacturer says it'll be reformulated and available in two or three months, so it's out of contention. Darn!
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