Mastic Deck-o-seal or something else

Fort Worth

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May 26, 2016
Fort Worth, TX
I've got 110 linear ft of mastic to replace. My gap is fairly uniform 1'2 to 3/4 wide. When I researched this last Deck-o-seal reigned supreme in pool mastic. I've never done mastic before. I am not a complete incompetent in DIY. My question is for this size of a job should I just buck up and go the 2 part Deck-o-seal route? Of maybe 1 pt Deck-o-seal would be easier. Buying it in tubes which is the only way I've seen it I'm willing to bet that way are more expensive/ There are other single part pool mastics out there now. Has anyone else had to make this same decision recently? I would appreciate learning for your experience.


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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
I think Deck-O-Seal is the most reliable product. It has an expiration date and old product close to the expiration date will not flow well and self level. Make sure what you get is fresh stock.

I tried using Vulkem 45 SSL Caulk in tubes on my pool expansion joint. One of my problems was many of the tubes leaked in shipping. So I went around 3 times with the vendor having them replace unusable tubes. I had 240 linear feet and went through more then a dozen tubes of caulk. I forget now exactly how many were used with all the back and forth.