MasterTemp 400 + EasyTouch 4


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Apr 4, 2021
I just replaced my heater with identical MasterTemp 400. Everything hooked up the same. When I try to start the heater from Easytouch control panel (pool or spa mode doesn't matter), the heater panel lights up, cycles through the power up process, then shuts off. When I disconnect the EasyTouch and reapply the Fireman's switch on the MasterTemp, the heater fires up manually and runs fine.
I've checked in the EasyTouch settings and the "Manual Heater" is set to "Off."
The temp sensor seems to be working fine and shows the pool is currently at 60 degrees, the air is at 62 degrees and the EasyTouch heater setting is at 84 for Pool, and 100 for spa.

Any suggestions?


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Apr 4, 2021
Additional info....
With EasyTouch 2 wire control connected to MasterTemp Fireman's switch, I turned the heater on using the EasyTouch control panel. After the heater panel lights up, cycles through the process then shuts off, I can then turn the heater on by manually selecting Pool or Spa on the heater control panel.


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May 3, 2014
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With the Firemans switch jumped (not in control by the ET), be sure that both Pool and Spa heat setting is maxed out, 104F.
Then rehook up the ET to Firemans Switch.
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