MasterTemp 250 control panel power off not working


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Jun 16, 2020
Okay so I had the heater installed about 3 years ago. Earlier this season (2020) the power off button on control panel stopped working but other wise the heater worked, so I started using the circuit breaker to turn it off until I figured out what was wrong.

while we continued to use it at some point it got worse and stopped heating and would randomly display SF0 (or SF1 I forget). Anyway thanks to these forums I ordered a replacement Stack Fuel sensor.

Went to install it today and as i took the covers off I found one set of the control boards wires caught in the top left of the control box cover (pic below). I guess it has been that way since install. Anyway I was surprised that corner of the control box did not have a screw or a screw hole, seems odd assembly line issue maybe? Anyway since it was caught the end of those wires were also disconnect from the control board. So I reconnected and tried heater again. Control Panel was more responsive, yay! Although theater still didn’t start and still showed the SF0/1 so I went ahead and replace the sensor, fired right up!!

$15 dollar fix vs. a control board, yay!


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Jul 21, 2013
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That control box is where the power connections are made. Whoever installed the heater pinched that wiring harness. Sometimes it pays to just take a look at things that are not working. Glad you found it. :goodjob:
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