Massive rain storm


Oct 11, 2016
Hey guys & gals,

Massive rain storm here in central Texas overnight and this morning. We had roughly 10 inches over the last 12-14 hours. Anything special that I need to do or watch out for with this much rain as far as pool care? I checked chlorine this morning when I left and it was lower from dilution I assume so I dumped 1/2 jug of bleach in to get back up to recommended levels. I will try and check other levels later if I can. Do you guys have a typical routine that you have found you have to do when you get a massive rain?

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ha ha. No worries. Most important is equipment. Make sure the pump stays above floodwaters. Once this blast goes past us, adjust waterline level and test all chemicals. Hopefully you won't experience any grass/mud run-off into the pool.

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