Massive rain during construction - feedback requested (Houston)


Aug 16, 2020
Our PB (a large nationwide builder) chose to have the dig/rebar done weeks in advance from the gunite, due to schedule delays with the gunite. In the meantime, we had many days of rain and the pool ended up very full of water. Fast forward a week, and they have pumped out the water and "mucked out" the mud, but there are areas close to the house where the walls have somewhat collapsed and have large openings (so large the stubbed pipes fell out). The construction supervisor will be here Monday, but ahead of his visit, I would like to better understand what the solution is. Thicker gunite in the "caverns?" Will they need to rebar those areas too? And the stubbed pipes, what to do with them? And of course we have so much mud piled up around the opening!

Our gunite was originally scheduled for 12/11, but ironically we got an email on Saturday from the scheduler that it is now 12/8, only a couple days from now. I assume the scheduler and supervisor haven't talked, and that the gunite will be delayed. But maybe not?

The last picture is from before the rain.

(And yes, that is our temp sewer pipe running through the middle...another fun issue, but one that we expected.)

I totally understand that this is a risk with pool construction, so I'm more wanting to be educated by those in this group who have experienced similar, and how the challenges were resolved.

Thanks :)


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May 16, 2010
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Wow, what a mess! Can't really see the extent of the "caverning" but make sure the spacers on the floor haven't sunk into the mud. You need space above and below the rebar so it's completely embedded in the gunite.


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I think gravel will fill the caverns and build any area back up. They may need to build some additional forms for the gunite and then backfill with gravel.
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