Marlig Fix a Leak Review


Apr 15, 2016
Hudson New Hampshire
So after getting a new liner they tested my lines and said one return had a minor leak, we were losing about 1/2" a day on a 12 hour pump cycle 27k gallon pool, and the buddy seat had a major leak. I used one bottle of Marlig on just the returns and it fixed them. I used one bottle on just the buddy seat and it did not fix that. However the buddy seat probably has a busted pipe so I didn't expect much but it was worth a try. Here is what I did.

1. Heated the bottle up by leaving it in the sun.
2. I shook the bottle well
3. Bypassed my filter and with the pump on poured the bottle into my skimmer
4. Ran the pool for an hour then switched to main drain only
5. Ran the pool for 23 more hours on main drain only while running my robot on the bottom with no filter to keep the Marlig in suspension
6. Let the pool sit for 24 hours with nothing on at all including robots
7. Ran waste for 10 minutes via main drain to pump out any Marliq left near the main drain
8. Set the filter back to filter filled up what I wasted out and resumed normal operation

The Marliq fixed what my pool guy said was a minor leak in a return line it however did not fix the "major" leak in the buddy seat. We went form losing 1/2 inch a day on just the returns to only losing noticeable water when we heat up the pool and it cools off at night. On normal operation I am no longer losing water. The buddy seat has plugs in it and I have it bypassed for now.
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