Mark swimming lane


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Dec 8, 2015
Dallas, TX
We are remodeling our pool and I wonder how others mark a swimming lane. Previously I had a superficial crack in the plaster that was perfect to keep me swimming straight. Pool is irregular, but about 25' wide, so I can get off course.

I would prefer something almost invisible, like the crack. Or if a tile were used, I'd probably only need one every 4-5 feet. (35' long)

The PB wants to use 3x3 tiles since they can cut them from a full tile. Wife is not enthused by seeing big tiles in the pool. I suggested to PB a 1x1 or smaller tile. He said it was too difficult to get them set in the plaster (and have them stay in place).

I suggested a tiny trowel line (1/16"?). He said No Way. I don't think I want to paint a stripe.

Plaster will be a light colored DiamondBrite Aqua.

Any other thoughts?



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Apr 12, 2016
Tucson, AZ
What about tiles that are very near, but complimentary to the pool's plaster color (e.g. a slightly lighter/darker shade of the same blue, or pearlesent white)? They would be easily seen while swimming laps, but not so obvious from outside of the pool, even if they're 3x3. We had tiles marking our swim lane growing up that were exactly the same as the waterline tile, I always thought they looked good.


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Mar 3, 2015
I don't see why 1" tiles set in the bottom of the pool would be an issue.

I had a custom mosaic put in the bottom of my pool using 1" tiles. Whilst it is a solid mass of tiles that is cut to shape, there are some that are exposed to the plaster on 3 sides. The tile and coping guys set them in the tile grout they used on the rest of the job and then the plasterers worked up to it without an issue.

I did a similar thing for the spotters on the steps/ledges. We put lines of 1" tiles on the gunite and plastered up to it.