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Oct 4, 2014
East Contra Costa County CA
Hi, my (forum) name is MARCO...polo and I'm a splash-a-holic.

After several summers with an INTEX plastic pond and many years with a portable fiberglass spa we finally decided to go "all in", do it right and build a pool/spa into a new backyard. I'm finally getting the chemistry close after battling with lot's of punch list items and several major gaffs made by my pool builder. He's a nice guy and most of his subs did incredible work, but.....

I discovered this forum (and a few others) over the few summers with the plastic pond and must thank all the mods and contributors for helping me learn the basics and pointing me in the direction of the important stuff. I never had a green pond and the water always sparkled. With the help of TFP I was able to help a friend who managed to turn his pool into a swampl.

I've been around the inter-webs and different forums for many years and have learned that: 1) There are no dumb questions and 2) Most questions have already been asked and you just have to find out where. Failing that, I'm sure to come knocking more than once.

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