Manual wall switches for actuators for unlimited flow control.

Rich D

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Aug 3, 2018
When we installed the pool I knew I would only have a few valves to control and figured I could just get a few actuators and wire them myself instead spending the big bucks on the automation. If I understand how the automation systems work they only allow for the 2 set points for a given valve so you can not have a variable flow with these systems. I installed these wall switches in our sun room next to the one I wired for the pool lights and waterfall lights.

They are 3 position wall switches. Up- on / center - 0ff / down on . So they allow me to turn off the 24 vac to the actuators completely off. So to get a certain flow I just switch to on and count the seconds then switch to off. This gives me unlimited flow control with the valve.

We really enjoy seeing the waterfall on at night with the lights, so now I have full control of skimmer / main drain valve which I like set at 50/50 for night cleaning and full skimmer during the day and full main drain when running waterfall. As well as control over the flow for the water fall. With our schedules, timed events would not work well so having these on wall switches is what works best for us.

Just thought I would share... :)
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