Manual vacuuming and skimmer line clog


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Nov 24, 2017

When it comes to manual vacuuming through skimmer line it is said that if we plug the vacuum hose directly into the skimmer port without first attaching the hose to a vacuum plate it is possible that the skimmer line gets clogged.

What if the the size of vacuum hose is smaller than the size of the pipe leading to the pump ?

Here the diameter of the vac hose is about 4 centimeters(1.57 inches) while the diameter of the pipe leading to the pump for most residential pools is 6.3 centimeters(2.48 inches) or 5 centimeters(1.96 inches).

Is clogging of the skimmer pipe leading to pump still an issue without first attaching it to a vacuum plate when the skimmer hose is smaller than the skimmer pipe?

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If the suction line from the skimmer was working fine (good water flow) before, and the vacuum hose is clear, then I suppose if your pool was very dirty you could have sucked-up some debris to cause a clog, but seems a bit odd. Any chance there is no clog, but the vacuum hose itself is collapsing from the strong suction?
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