Making sure I’m on the right path


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Jul 28, 2019
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Hey guys, after purchasing a new home with a pool two months ago, having never owned a pool, I’ve spent that time learning on TFP site. Kept the pool guy initially but now doing it on my own.

Last week I purchased and installed a Hayward SWG ( SWP940 ). Purchased and have used Taylor K-2006 test kit. Have had no problems that i could tell in that two months since ownership. Just want to make sure I’m on the right track to keep things in order.

My pool is 16k gallon plaster in south Florida. Usually 85-87 degrees in the pool.

Here is my test results and additions so far (just started to balance three days ago): PoolMath Logs

Few questions - is there any particular order to follow when balancing, I.e take care of CYA first before CH? Any tips on how long between additions I should wait and would I be able to swim in the pool with the additions soon after or wait a while? Am I on the right track with my results so far?

Appreciate the guidance and help!


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Jul 10, 2012
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HI and welcome! You are off to a awesome start by finding TFP and getting a good test kit.

Lets get this party started!

So where is your CYA going? Have you had a lot of rain down there? The only way remove CYA is to drain and refill water so...........How I do the CYA test:
-Mix the CYA test first and then let it sit while I do the other tests.
-shake it again
-pour in to the 100..........GLANCE in. If you see the dot at a GLANCE then pour to the next line. GLANCE in only! Do NOT look for the dot or you will see it.
-pour from line to line. When you don't see the dot at a GLANCE then call it. We round up our number for this test as it is best of have slightly more FC than not enough.

Adding chemicals-the only two to watch is the chlorine and muriatic acid. They do not play well together so add them with 15 mins between the additionsvmakeing sure the pump is on. Other than these two it does not matter if you add them one right after the other.

pH&TA work together-some pools like a TA of 80 and some like it at 75. Your pool will tell you which level it wants the TA by keeping the pH in line. If the pH bounces up hard and fast then move the TA down by 10 and see what happens over the week. Keep good notes like you have been.

Swimming-The only one I do not swim in right away is the muriatic acid. For this one I wait about 15 mins then jump in. Everything else-add and enjoy the pool!

So looking at your numbers:
-I would push the CH up some. Add about half what the Pool Math says. That way you don't overshoot by accident
-pH-I would push this one down. When you use the m.a. to push the pH down it will lower you TA at the same time.

Let me know if I missed anything!



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Jun 11, 2018
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Welcome to TFP!
Did you exchange some water? Your cya dropped on 2nd test. I wouldn't add any more stabilizer until you get consistent reading. FYI, round up the cya reading. 65 would be 70 etc.

Follow kimkats instructions and do a few cya tests when you get your kit. You can retest cya with same sample. Dump the mix back in the bottle several times until you are consistent with the reading.

If you raise cya too high, the only fix is to drain or exchange water. (That is what happened to me with test strips. )

FC and cya and ph are usually the first and most important to balance.
Good luck! ?