Making a Gunite Water Slide Slick


Aug 18, 2007

I migrated over from pool forum. I have a water slide that was built out of gunite. The slide is not very slick. I would like to make it real slick so that you slide down it fast. I was thinking of Thompson's Water Seal to seal it and make it slick. If not this product, does anyone have a suggestion on what I should use?


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Apr 1, 2007
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Interesting. I've often wondered about the "slideability" of a gunite slide. I have no experience with them so others with gunite slides will have better opinions.

Thompson's would not be my first choice. Designed for wood, I think it would penetrate too deeply into the need a better surface seal. Polyurethane would be excellent but is notorious for yellowing pretty badly in a short period of time.

My thinking is to find a commercial supplier of concrete finishing and related products (they're a little hard to find but they exist in most cities of say 25,000 or so). There is a wide variety of concrete sealers available and may come closer to what you're looking for.