maintenance thoughts while we can't turn pump on


Sep 11, 2019
Hi There,

Brand new so this is all foreign to us. Our pool was installed last fall. We still are working on the deck around the pool now. We found a broken pipe near the pump that needs to be fixed before we can turn anything on. We have a salt water system that will be installed at the same time as the repair. We had to take the cover off yesterday to put some concrete around the edge but since we can't turn the pool on worry about what will happen. We hope to get the cover back on today at least temporarily but does anyone have any recommendations on if we should put something in the water to prevent any issues moving forward?

18'x36' pool 18,784 gallon. Pump says pentair VS and we will have a salt system. not sure what else I can share. Don't know if this is a sand filter or not :(

Thanks so much this forum is great! On to order a test kit!


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Jul 21, 2013
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Pour 3-5 ppm of liquid chlorine in daily and stir the water with your pool brush.

If you have a submersible pump you can put it in the water without a hose and let it churn the water.


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Most definitely add some bleach and mix it with the brush. It's just like adding cream to coffee but on a huge scale. PoolMath can figure out how much bleach of what strength will add 3 ppm to your pool. You may wish to get the app at this link PoolMath It can come poolside with you and has some other features you may find handy.