Maintenance of new fiberglass pool in South Louisiana


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Apr 17, 2010
So our pool builder will should be finished up next week. We know that they said they
will get our water pristine and ready to swim. Looking for advice on maintaining our water
chemistry, especially in the summer months.Pool: Fiberglass Viking Caribbean 17,000 Gal pool with elevated Shasta spa with spillover.

Pool Equipment:
Pentair IntelliCenter I8PS with IC40 Intellichlor
Pentair Intelliflow VSF Pump
Pentair Tagelus TA100D Sand Filter
Pentair Ultratemp Heat-Pump 140
Pentair Prowler 930 Robotic Cleaner
4 Pentair Microbrite LED Lights
S.R. Smith TurboTwister Slide

Test Equipment:
TF-100 Test Kit
Speedstir Magnetic Stirrer
Taylor K-1766 Salt Test
Salt Test Strips – Aqua Check
3 – TF-100 Graduated Cylinder-Plain
1 – TF-100Graduated Cylinder – Chlorine
1 – Sample Sizer Measuring Tool


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Jun 8, 2019
Milwaukee, WI
Welcome! Did they give you any requirements for your pool chemistry to maintain a warranty? The advice we give on this site is based on science that shows how FC acts in relation to CYA, but most builders/pool stores/industry folks are still using older recommendations for levels that end up with a much lower FC. I'd hate for us to give you advice tha tends up voiding a warranty, and then having some issue come up that needs warranty use and having it denied.