Maintaining Spa Water Level - different from other threads


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Jun 23, 2016
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Hi Everyone,

Full disclosure - I am a fairly large person (6'2 and about 275lbs).

I have a raised spa that is about 36" above the level of the pool. Say there are 6 of us enjoying the 95 degree water in the spa, but then I need to get out to throw the burgers on the grill. The water level drops down to the seat and everyone is now sitting bear-chested out in the air and only their legs are in the spa water. Is there something in place the keeps the level of the spa at some equilibrium level? Or, do I need to take some water from the pool to slowly raise the level of the spa so that it just barely overflows into the pool while using it, but returns the level to the right height if someone were to get out?


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Aug 16, 2016
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Based on your statements, the level is maintained in your spa by virtue of more water getting pumped into it than is being drained out of it, and the excess overflows into your pool. This is my setup as well.

  • When the pump is off, the spa stays at just even with the spillway.
  • When you are in spa mode, the water in the spa is the only water in circulation. Only the drains in the spa, and the returns in the spa are functional.
  • For either of the above situations, when someone displaces spa water (gets in) the displaced water ends up in the pool. With the pump off or in spa mode, nothing will bring that water back. Person gets out, spa level drops. Person gets back in, would be just as full.

One could flip to pool mode for a moment to refill (or use the "spa fill" mode if you have one). It wouldn't take long, but it will introduce cooler water to the spa. Once full, flip back to spa mode, and let the (re)heating begin.


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May 14, 2015
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I wonder if there is a way to automate this? I haven't looked yet, but I bet there is. A float sensor tied to the spa fill mode? Just brainstorming here...


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Jun 23, 2016
Millville, NJ
I was thinking that if I set the automated valve to be cracked open just a little when switching to spa mode it would still pull just a little from the pool that would overflow the spa. However, it wouldn't be enough to cool the spa. So, if someone did get out, it would slowly refill the spa without switching to pool mode and dumping a ton of colder water in. Sound theory?

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