Maintaining a Proper PH with the use of Liquid Chlorine Sanitizer


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Jun 21, 2017
As I understand it, liquid chlorine has a chemical reaction that raises the PH to 13 ppm which is suppose to adjust (lower) throughout the day to basically net zero. So if you have a liquid chlorine feeder with water combined in the tank does the PH neutralize while in the tank before being released into the pool? Does this feeder process reduce the effect that pouring straight chlorine directly into the pool water causes ? I think this I should not check the PH in the morning after the chlorine was added at night it seems so I get a correct reading and I don't add chemicals based on a temporary effect so if I need to adjust or add chemicals to lower the PH it's really needed ? I checked and my local water is also very high in TA 160 ppm and I'm testing 180 ppm with PH off the chart so should I just expect to add maintenance levels of acid regularly to keep it from getting difficult to control would that be advisable?
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Oct 2, 2013
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we've alway recommended waiting 15 or 20 minutes to test after adding chemicals to the pool. After the waiting period, you can accurately test for all of the parameters.


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I do not remember the process exactly but the conversion over to hypochlorous acid renders the chlorine pH neutral so it pretty much takes effect upon entering the pool. I do know it is not any concern and you can check pH within 30 min to an hour of chlorine addition (pump running).

For comments on the TA could you post a complete set of YOUR pool water test results....
NO pool store testing!..........And then the results of your refill water for CH, pH and TA?