Main drain off/Skimmer only = 5psi drop & bubbles


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Sep 23, 2009
My plumbing is hooked up so that I can run part main drain and part skimmer, or 100% of either one. In order for my Creepy to operate properly, I have to shut the main drain completely and run all suction from the skimmer. When I do this, my pressure @ the filter drops about 5psi (compared to when I'm running 50/50 skimmer/main drain) and I get some air bubbles from returns. I also notice that my pump basket doesn't fill right up so there's lots of splashing going on in there. Now if I run 100% skimmer without the Creepy hooked up, I get a similar situation, but to a lesser extent ... about 3psi loss, less bubbles, and less splashing in pump basket. Is this "normal"? Do I need to look into anything? And yes, I'm running the Creepy with the proper suction valve, etc, etc, etc. I can take pictures of my plumbing if necessary.


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Apr 4, 2007
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Most likely it's normal for your pool. Your plumbing can't supply enough water to the pump from just one line, so less is going out, hence the air and lower pressure.

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