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May 7, 2010
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Had my pool replaster in feb/mar. Got in all the way for the firat time and there is no suction on the main drain. Got the mask on and looked around. The pipe connecting the two drains is open but there seems to be a plug in each drain as well. Is the pipe to the equipment in the tube connecting The two or are those two plugs the cause? I tried turning the two skimmers off and only leaving the main drain open, but that didn't seem to change anything as far as the pump goes.

My skimmer has two holes in it, one is closed. It looks like what a plug would lol like from the bottom, and indented square. Can this be moved to allow main drain suction? The beans is an "S" with a ~ next to it and the model is 3650-17. No name.



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Mar 29, 2007
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They may have plugged the drains prior to the replaster and forgot to take the plugs out :oops: :hammer:

If the extra port in the skimmer is plugged from the bottom, DO NOT try to remove them!!!

Jack those plugs out of the drains (unless the drains are abandoned) and all should be good.

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