Main board model name/number for a Hayward swim pure plus salt chlorinator system?!


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Apr 30, 2016
Hollywood, Florida
Hi all.
We live in our house for 2.5 years and just found out that we have a salt chlorinator system 6 months ago from a pool contractor (pool maintenance gentlemen never told us). It's been working after cleaning the cell but now digits are displayed on system but no lights are indicated AT ALL. I have a HAYWARD SWIM PURE PLUS model. Some Hayward distributor wants us to play close to $500-600 to replace the main board. After reading many posts, it appears that it's possibly a part damaged from weather conditions (we live in Florida) that costs $2-3. Not sure if this is the problem but I don't know what the main board model is to begin with. Does anyone know? Also can I (44yr old woman-healthcare field) replace it my self? I hate to have to pay someone $600 for a less than an hour of labor. I plan to buy the main board online.
thanks for all your help.