M400 behaving weirdly


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May 5, 2017
North Jersey
So i have been having issues with my M400 since i opened this year (running 20 minutes and stopping, running for 6 hours). Took it in for evaluation once and after a week they found nothing and said it behaved totally normally. Since then i have been still having the same issues.

Last week it cleaned for about an hour and stopped. I left it alone and went swimming about 2 hours later and picked it up to move to the side. I flipped it over under the water to look at the bottom and it started running again. it ran for about 1.5 hours, finishing the cycle apparently.
Next time it stopped in the middle i left it for a few hours and noticed the power supply was still in the "on" mode (as opposed to blinking on the schedule mode). When i picked it up and flipped it over in the water it again started running.
This doesn't work every time, but quite often it does. I assume i need to take it in to repair, and hopefully, now that i found another glitch they can fix it.
I bought the sucker 3 years and 3 months ago but I did find the issue before warranty expired so i hope it will be covered.

Anyone have any thoughts what this could be caused by?


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Jul 3, 2013
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Maybe it is just getting board and falling asleep LOL :)

It may be a loose connection and when your turning it over it makes contact??
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