Jun 22, 2007
Hello :D
As you can tell, i luv2swim LOL and just recently got an above ground pool that my husband and i can share with our son---i've only really dealt with the little ones for him and know nothing about having a bigger one and how to maintain it. So I thought I would join and see if anyone could help get us on the right track. We live in South Dakota so we can only really enjoy our pool for a few months :cry: but it will do the job on those really hot and sticky days when ya just need to get wet to cool off! :wink: Plus its hopefully going to be a way to help our son get more active and lose some lbs., not to mention give me some piece and quiet for a little bit now that summer break is here.....

No more peed in pools for us.... I hope! :shock: LOL


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May 8, 2007
Glendale, AZ
Welcome luv2swim!

Welcome to the forum. I am new here as well, but learing so much as I build my new pool. Can you tell us a little about the pool, size...filters, pumps etc. I know that information is really helpful, what are the current issues if any?

you are lucky you get to cool off, my pool is under construction and I get to just look at the hole in the ground in 100+ degree weather :cry: