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Apr 9, 2017
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After lurking for the past 3 years and enjoying for the most part a TFP thanks to this site, I'm coming out of the shadows. I grew up with IG pools and about 3 years ago moved to a house with an existing pool rather than building one (and avoided a kitchen remodel for my wife). I found this site rather quickly trying to figure out how to take care of my pool, and thanks to everyone that made it easy on me the past 3 years. I got my Taylor kit and have primarily been using the BBB method and aside from what I believe was a mustard algae issue last year (my fault), everything has gone pretty well. So again, thanks to everyone on this site!

I am now 5 days removed from replacing the liner and am at a bit of a crossroads with the pool builder. The liner was 12 years old, and I've been patching a few holes the last few years, and we made the decision in the fall to replace the liner after I spent hours with dye in a 65 degree pool looking for a leak before closing. Luckily, the water stopped dropping after it hit the lights, but we kept on with our decision to go ahead with a new liner. There were a lot of areas that were bleached white, and discussing this with the pool builder, things got a little bumpy. When we asked how to prevent bleaching the new liner, they said keep the PH in range, and use their Pro Team products and follow their directions. Fair enough. Their directions include using Pro Team Supreme, trichlor in the skimmers to keep FC at 1.5, adding the weekly treat and microfloc weekly, and shocking with Power Magic every two weeks. I'm sure this works for many of their customers.

However, as I've bought in here, I don't like things going into my pool that aren't necessary, and I surely don't mind saving money. So I'm sticking with bleach, and they can keep the floculant. They did add the Pro Team Supreme in when filing, and aside from the bill, I'm ok with that as I've read some good things about borates here. What really rubs me, is that when they open and close the pool, they dump in a bunch of Cal Hypo, and I really believe that is what led to most of the bleaching. The spots are around the rim of the deep end floor and around the main drain. Am I crazy, or would you say if everything else is taken care of correctly, that this is the glaring no-no for a vinyl liner?

My wife helped me open the pool this year to drain it before the new liner, so she now sees there is no magic. I view closing a little different since they blow out the lines, but I'll either have to learn how to do that, or have the dreaded conversation with them as to why I'll take care of the sanitizer. It was nice the past few years not having the PB in my life except for opening and closing, but now that I dropped some coin on the new liner, I don't want it screwed up, and my wife is conflicted because they are the PB, and I just read stuff online. :D

Anyways, Hello TFP, and thanks for all the advice over the years, and hopefully I can contribute.


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Jun 7, 2011
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Don't worry about the conversation. If you want to have them close or open, just tell them what, and that will be all they need to do. Cal-Hypo sitting on the bottom of a vinyl=bleach out. No question. Do it yourself, or all you can. No need to be anything but nice, but they work for you. End of story.

I love lurkers turned posters. Glad you came aboard and joined us. Welcome to the forum Nova!



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May 14, 2015
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If it helps, think of it this way. How many pools can they say they have kept clean, clear and safe? Close to zero. How many do we? Thousands.
All they are doing is repeating what they have been told, by an industry designed to sell stuff. There is science to back up what we teach and thousands of happy pools to prove it.