Lubricate Hex Bolts


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Jul 12, 2008
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We're in the middle of opening our pool today, first time doing it ourselves. Pool looks better than a lot I've seen in the middle of the summer, but will need some SLAMming.

While I wait for my husband to finish doing something else so he can remove the plugs (I'm not strong enough,) I decided to get all the grit and grime off the hex bolts that hold the winter cover down. A friend has a pool where several of those are frozen and I don't want that to happen.

Someone told me, I think it was the PB, not to oil them because that will just trap grit. So, I just wiped them with a damp cloth (inside and out), let them dry, and put them back in.

Now I'm wondering if there's some special substance I should put on them, like silicone lube or such.

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Jun 22, 2009
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If the concern is dirt or debris sticking to them then you should use a dry lube. They make dry lubes with Teflon, graphite, etc., that completely dry after application. We use them on the RV slide outs, etc. to provide lube yet prevent road grime from sticking to the slide mechanism. They can be found at most autopart stores and big box stores.

Having said that, I'm with Jnitzy, Copper based anti-seize is the best thing to prevent them from "freezing" in the anchor. And since you're installing the bolts back in the anchors, they shouldn't get any dirt in them. Caution: Anti-seize has a tendency to get everywhere! literally everywhere!