Lowering CC to 0


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Aug 12, 2016
Hello this is my first post here.
I would like to lower my cc to 0 as it is .6.
I sue the Taylor test kit with the powder.
currently my
ALk is 80
PH 7.2
Cy 70
ch 150
fc 5
I have a 24000 in ground vinyl pool
How do I calculate the correct amount? I am using 12 percent bleach. Thanks in advance.


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Jul 7, 2014
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So you can't really lower CC, as it is a result of the chlorine doing its job.. In theory it should be zero most of the time.. I would not worry about .6 unless you get .6 or higher several days in a row.. A one time spike to .6 is just not a big deal.. If it continues to stay high then we can start worrying about it.

Also.. just to make sure you know... You need to do the CC test immediately after doing the FC test.. If you wait a few minutes the color will turn a false pink..


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Aug 12, 2016
Thanks for the quick responses and the suggestions. I don't have cover so the pool is uncovered. I will do the CC test right away. Usually the water became a very light point then clears with one drop.
FC 5.5
CC .6
PH 7.2
TA 80
CH 150
CYA 70
SALT 3300
CSI dont know
So from what I understand the CC will go away on its own and I dont have to SLAM to get it to change. My pool water is crystal clear and I never add anything to it but just follow the TFP recommendations for balancing.
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