Lower TH?


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Jun 26, 2007
Is there a way to lower Total Calcium in water at all? I have looked around and cannot seem to find any suggestions except for a refill or partial refill.

My Dad has bought a house with a fiberblass Hot Tub inside of a little building. His tap water measures 270 TH, it is my understanding that this needs to be around 200.

He has a water well but the water on it is measuring over 900 for Total Calcium. ACK
There is a difference between total hardness and calcium harness. I assume you are using test strips since all strips only test total hardness while the majority of drop based kits test calcium hardness. Calcium hardness will always be lower than total (magnesium + calcium) hardness. The only way to lower calcium hardness is to replace some of the water with softer water (or to purposely precipitate out calcium carbonate--which I would NOT recommend trying!)
A metal sequesterant can help prevent scaling if the calcium levels are very high (calcium IS a metal) but it will NOT remove the calcium from the water, just chemically deactivate it for a period of time so the continued addition of sequesterant is necessary.