Low Water level in Pump Basket

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Jun 16, 2021
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On another thread that I have been not been able to figure out how to reopen, someone stated that low water level in the pump basket occurred when their filter was dirty. Similarly, can head pressure on the outflow side of the pump cause the water level in the pump basket to drop? I bought the incorrect solar panels which is restricting my flow volume until I can modify the system. When I run the pool water through them, the water level in the basket drops. I am afraid that the added pressure and/or the lower amount of water running through the pump will cause the new variable speed pump to burn up. If I am running the pump on high and engage the solar panels my PSI goes up about 10 to 15 PSI. It took herculean effort to put up the panels on my 12/12 pitched roof and I am not using them until I can increase the flow rate.
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Welcome to TFP! :wave: Before we tag an expert familiar with solar and hydraulics, we'll need more info. Please update your signature with all of your pool and equipment info. See mine as an example. Also describe for us how far the PVC runs are from pool to pad, to solar, then back to pool. Pump size (HP), elevation changes, anything else like that to help give us a good picture of your situation. Also tell us how you test your water and if you have a recent set of test results you could share. All of that will help.
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